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July 09, 2020 1 min read


Okay, y'all get ready! we're going to give you the best instructions for installing your Rainbow Effect Window Film!

If you're up for a challenge than these are the instructions for installing your Rainbow Film with a design/pattern


Here's a video of a dear customers' experience putting up a lotus design on her window!


Now if you just want to install your Rainbow effect window film on your window, no fuss, no design then look at these instructions instead!

1. Choose your window

- Needs Direct Sunlight

- Higher windows will refract the sunlight and display rainbows in a wider surface area versus a lower window which will cover a smaller surface area.

2. Trim film to desired size, leave room for error

3. Clean window

4. Wet Window with spray bottle

**TIP** if you do not have an extra spray bottle in hand, use the spray attachment from your Windex spray bottle or any spray bottle and pop it into a glass of water! spray until it looks like you've cleared up the sprayer from its previous liquid, and Voila! you've got a water spray!

5. Press into place

6. Use squeegee to press out air bubbles and excess water.

**TIP** Don't have a squeegee on hand? just use a plastic card, it'll do the trick!

Alright, Everyone! We hope you love your Rainbow Window Film and that it makes you smile. Please share your pictures on Social media and tag @muelencreations we'd love to see your happy creations!